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The Chair of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery was established in January 2012. Numerical methods and validation experiments for the design and optimisation of hydraulic machines and components are being developed. In addition to machine-oriented activities, the necessary fluid mechanical fundamentals for research on hydraulic machinery will be worked out.


The course specialisation "Hydraulic Machinery" is under construction and will initially include a basic lecture on hydraulic fluid machinery. Further exercises in fluid dynamics and contributions to specialised laboratories will be available.


Because of the focus on machinery as well as fundamental research, not only companies of the hydraulic fluid machinery industry (pumps, water turbines) but also companies specialising in fluid technology (e.g. oil hydraulic, materials handling, etc.) are adressed by the chair.

Competence centre, hydraulic fluid machinery

The Chair of Hydraulic Fluid Machinery adressing the fluid mechanical aspects associated with hydraulic machinery is at the heart of the competence centre of the same name.

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